What to do when one is rejected from a casting
12 junio, 2019
25 junio, 2019


Some days ago we asked our dancers what advice they would give to those who are just recently started in Vibuk? And this is what they answered.

We received hundreds of responses, and among them we chose 10 tips from 9 dancers. Thanks to everyone wHo participated!

Castings are just like any other dance class.

Whenever you go into a casting you should feel like you are back in a dance class, having fun and giving all you got, this will help you prevent nerves getting n your way.

Try to change your dance to be the most appealing to your body´s reach and not harm yourself.

Dancing is always fun, try to always stay within what you know at the time of your casting, harming yourself is never good.

Keep on trying new styles

Go to classes and workshops of different dance styles to be flexible and be able to create new choreographies.

Always be mindful and remember that acting is a big part of dancing.

Take classes on acting and interpretation. Acting is a fundamental part of dancing, casting directors are not particularly fond of really good technical dancers, but that can´t transmit any emotions to the audience.

Don´t be afraid of failure.

Don´t be afraid to fail over and over again, in this line of work you will probably get one “yes” for every 50 “no”, but you have to be confident on your talent and take every “no” as a lesson to work on eventually getting that “yes”.

Take advantage of your dancing for modeling.

Dance helps you make your body more styled and have a near perfect body line while walking, making you look very stylish. Use this as a way to get into modeling, and other areas in the artistic industry.

Remember the relationship between acting and dancing.

Dancing is a necessary skill for actors, this is because through dancing, actors can become more versatile and be more prepared for the world of entertainment.

Always strive to continue learning.

Always keep on learning to be better and to offer the public all the beauty that art has to offer us.

Practice constantly.

Trying out new styles and continue to practice your own is very important to always stay at the top of your game in your dancing career. The more styles you practice and the more choreographies you create, more likely you are to get a job.

Use the music.

Use the music to your advantage, to further show your emotions and create emotions in your public through the combination of your dancing and the music you dance to.

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