30 mayo, 2018
31 mayo, 2018


Public Casting

We’re bringing another feature to Vibuk for you to get even more casting opportunities! We couldn’t hold it any longer and have worked very hard to get this ready as soon as possible.

We present to you: Public Casting Calls!

Public Casting section

What are Public Castings?

Up to this point we had various ways to communicate with you all about castings that were active, whether that was through our blog, email, or social media. However, we realized it was very important to manage our time and yours in the most effective way, so we’ve achieved it with this feature.

How can I access them?

When you go on your Vibuk profile, you’ll have two ways to see the public casting calls posted: you can check the Red Carpet feed or visit the “My castings” section of your profile.

My castings

Under your castings section there will be a list of public castings where you’ll only be able to see the ones looking for profiles like yours. This means that if there’s a specific characteristic they’re looking for that is not on your profile, the public casting call won’t appear on the list.

I was selected for a casting! What do I do next?

Once you’ve been selected, you’ll be able to access all the information about the casting, and, if it interests you, accept or decline it. Don’t forget to carefully read the conditions and note the type of casting it is; there are in-person and online castings and sometimes no casting is required.

Casting call details

What are some tips to be selected for more castings?

Make sure your profile is well-completed with as much information about yourself as possible. Not listing a certain characteristic or listing it incorrectly can ruin your chances to be selected for that casting.

What if I’m looking for talent?

If you want to create a public casting call because you need talent for your productions, you can use this feature too! Go to your profile and, under “My castings,” you’ll be able to create a private or public casting. We assure you all the steps to create one are very easy and intuitive.

We also have a new feature for talent recruiters which allows you to edit the details of the casting after you create it and send it to your candidates, so you can make any changes you see fit during the process.

We hope you can find the best talent in Vibuk and that you get selected for many castings. Good luck!

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