What to do when one is rejected from a casting

7 junio, 2019
13 junio, 2019

What to do when one is rejected from a casting

We understand that there are many expectations that come with castings, but one must also remember that you may not always receive the desired outcome. You may then ask yourself if you should quit trying altogether… and we say you should never!

Looking back on our experiences through our talents, we have found out some basic reasons why you might not have received a call back…

  • The casting could have gone better (you were not prepared, or you did not give your 100%)
  • The character was difficult for you to adapt too.
  • There was another actor who the director felt more comfortable with and related better too.
  • Someone else was better than you.
  • You are a good actor but for subjective reasons the director did not choose you.

…  who knows!

These reasons should not discourage you; ALL actors have been rejected one way or another.

Once you find out what your strengths and weaknesses are you must thrive in the ones you are stronger in and work on the ones you aren’t as strong in.

From Vibuk, here are a few tips, and we hope they help you in your future castings:

  • Put your all into each moment of your casting, convince the director, and he will notice
  • Go prepared to each casting, do not just wing it!
  • Do not focus on the possibility of embarrassing yourself, if you are nervous about that than try to make it as less noticeable as possible.
  • Network at each casting you attend because you never know where you will find the opportunity for a new casting.
  • And lastly, enjoy it.

We would like to motivate you to never stop looking for another opportunity because you never know what could come along the way.

Have you been rejected from a casting personally? Leave us a comment about your experience, we would love to get to know you!

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